Photo provided by   ELAB PHOTOGRAPHERS

Photo provided by ELAB PHOTOGRAPHERS


When I am not lugging 20+ lbs. of camera gears during our travels and spending weekends Lightroom-ing thousands of photos, I am an executive at an investment management firm.

I realize my career may sound "slightly" boring to many of you...  So this site is focused on our adventures instead!  E.g., zooming through multiple Barcelona highways on a scooter, powering snowmobile up the Whistler Blackcomb, “fighting” with snow monkeys in Nagano.


Just like Alvin, I'm an investment junkie.  But beyond spending my time with spreadsheets, I'm also a trip planner, photographer and camera assistant (aka the tripod girl).  I enjoy experiencing the world from new, creative perspectives and being inspired by the culture and history that bring us all together.  This blog is our way to share our stories.  I hope our experiences will inspire your travels.


Some of you have asked about our travel gear, so here is the list:

  • Nikon D3, D4, D750, D5 - and no, we don't bring all these bodies with us every time!
  • NIKKOR 24-70mm f/2.8, 70-200mm f/2.8, 50mm f/1.4, 24mm Tilt Shift f/3.5 - first three are with us all the time, the last one, umm, not so much
  • Nikon SB910 - not sure why these flashes are almost like consumables, having burned through SB800 and SB900 already.  Wish we can use something like a Profoto but certainly do not want to lug it around on our trips
  • Benro tripod + B1 head - a good balance of lightweight, sturdy, and not breaking the bank (like a Gitzo...)
  • DJI Marvic - Alvin's latest favorite toy
  • iPhone 7, 7 Plus - surprisingly useful even with DSLRs, and it is needed for the drone
  • GeoTag Photos Pro - fantastic for geotagging the photos in Lightroom afterwards
  • Lightroom 6 - can't quite bring myself to jump on the subscription bandwagon yet...